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The Broadways

SZ: Scene-Zine
BK: Brendan Kelly (Bassist/Singer for Broadways. Ex-singer for

SZ: Why did Slapstick Break up?

BK: Slapstick broke up because we couldnt write songs together anymore.
Dan or I would bring a song in and matt danny and rob wouldnt like it.
Conversley, those three would bring in songs and dan and I wouldnt like
them. The creative process stagnated.  it has alot to do with the fact
that none of us really ever liked ska a lot. It was a phase for all of
us and once we got through the phase, writing ska became hard to do (not
to mention silly). We had different Ideas about what direction Slapstick
should go, and there was no other resoloution.  We are all  still great
friends though.
SZ: Do you like being in the Broadways better than being in Slapstick?

BK: I like the broadways better because I like the music better.
Slapstick was fun, but it's not who we are anymore.

SZ: What type of band do you consider the Broadways?

BK: The Broadways are a rock and roll band. Imagine Hootie and the
Blowfish meet Candlebox with the guy from Sugar Ray and the guy from
Bush trading vocals. We also do alot of gangsta rappin.
SZ: Do you like your dealings with Asian Man, presently, and in the

BK:  Mike Park is the coolest guy ever. He is so fucking cool to bands
and to kids. He would never in a million years dick anyone over. Long
live Mike Park and Asian Man.

SZ: What do you think of the punk/ska scene growing?

BK: The punk ska scene is growing fast. Its underground success is
mirrored by advertisments for sprite, opening credits of 90210 and the
lamest bands ever being picked by major labels to represent the style.
Of the two bands I can think of that were any good at all that signed to
a major, one sucks more than life now, and the other has (or will soon)
changed thier style as so not to get bogged down in the now cheezy "punk
ska" genre. Punk/ska is too big, it will collapse on itself and die
faster than you can say "keep skankin."

SZ: If the Broadways were a TV show, would you be a 1/2 hour sitcom, an
hour long drama, an after-school special, a documentary, etc?

BK: If we were a tv show, we would be NYPD Blue, because we like
exposing our asses and we like saying "asshole."

SZ: Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

BK: I subscribe to Thrasher. I have for ten years.
SZ: If you lost your virginity while listening to music, what was the

BK: I was born a virgin and i will die a virgin.
SZ: Do your parents like your music?

BK: My mom thinks its cool that I do something that so many people can
enjoy and Identify with. She doesnt know the Broadways from Tom Jones as
far as the actual music goes. My dad thinks I am a gay heroin addict and
he blames the music.

SZ: Are you guys all having fun in the band?

BK: I have fun in the Broadways, we all do. We love to play and we
love to show our butts and say "asshole."
SZ: Is there any chance of Slapstick re-forming?

BK: Slapstick will never re-form.