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SZ= Scene Zine
S= Scott Rudinsky
G= Grey

SZ: How long have you been together?

S: This band? About three years now.

SZ: Did you quit Ten Foot Pole?

S: No, I got kicked out.

G: What'd you get kicked out for?

S: I just got kicked out. They wanted to keep playing, but the guitar
player wanted to sing, so...

G: Wow, you kicked so much ass in Ten Foot Pole though!

S: Cool, thanks.
SZ: Do you like Pulley better than Ten Foot Pole?

S: I can't say that I like it better. I mean, the people in Pulley are
alot cooler. It's kinda like just a bunch of friends, where the other
one was just more like just a band.

SZ: Kind of more like a job?

S: Yeah, kinda. I mean they were great guys too, but like me and Jordan,
the drummer, we've been hangin' out since like '83.

SZ: So, did you form Pulley like right after...

S: Like the next day actually.

SZ: What do you think about the punk scene getting bigger?

S: It's broadened out, you know. Not only has it gotten bigger, but it's
spread out. I mean, when I was young, punk was punk. But know there's
like ska and all kinds of other branches and shit.

G: Can I ask how you got the name for the album "Esteem Driven Engine?"
Cuz I love it! That's the coolest name for an album ever!

S: I don't know how we got it actually. It was either that or Low-Fat
Popsicles, so...

G: Yeah, see that sucks! Esteem Driven Engine is alot better.

S: Cool, thanks.

SZ: Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

S: Nope.

SZ: If you guys were a TV show, would you be an hour long drama, a
sitcom, an after-school special, etc?

S: I guess we'd like to be on the Discovery channel, but probably like a
30min , Brady Bunch type show.

G: What was your best game ever for the Dodgers?

S: I never had a good game.

G: Have you ever beaned anyone?

S: Never beaned anybody.

G: Has anyone ever rushed the mound?

S: No.

G: Now, hypothetically, someone rushes the mound. You kick him right in
the fuckin' head right?

S: I'm fully trained in martial arts, full-blown Bruce Lee, I can do
some wicked shit.

G: See, I was thinkin', since you've got those cleets,

S: What, gut him or something?

G: Rip his fuckin' nuts off!

S: Okay, cool. I'll think of you next time.

SZ: Do your parents like your music?

S: They kind of have no choice. It's all they've ever known.

SZ: Are you still with the Dodgers?

S: Not right now. Now I'm with Pulley.