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SZ= Scene-Zine
SN= Snuff

SZ: How long have you been together?

SN: Since 1986.

SZ: Alot of modern ska/punk bands say that they've been influenced by
you, like Less Than Jake, are you flattered by that?

SN: Very flattered. Absolutely flattered. It's marvelous to have someone
say that they've been influenced by you.

SZ: How long have you guys been touring the states?

SN: Do you mean this tour?

SZ: Well, weren't you also touring with NOFX for a while?

SN: We were, and we will be as well.

SZ: So for this tour, how long will you be in the states?

SN: Like three weeks. We did the East coast in September/October, and
now we're doing the West coast.

SZ: What are your favorite bands to play with?

SN: Murphy's Law, NOFX, Wasp, Ozzy Osborne.

SZ: Have you actually played with Ozzy Osborne?

SN: Yeah.

SZ: Would it be the tour when he bit off the dove's head?

SN: Well, it wasn't a dove, it was a bat. A bat's head.

SZ: If you guys were a TV show, would you be a sitcom, a drama, an
after-school special, etc?

SN: We'd be an advert.

SZ: An advert?

SN: An advertisement.

SZ: Oh, okay.

SN: We'd be an advert. You're going to ask an advert for what now aren't

SZ: Okay, what for?

SN: For Ozzy Osborne. No, for Roger Osborne.

SZ: You guys like soccer?

SN: We like football. Football is soccer in England. We love it! The
Americans call that sport where you kick it once with someone holding it
for you, football. That's not football!

SZ: Is the BBC the only station in England?

SN: NO. We have 5 channels.

SZ: Are you serious?

SN: Unless you have cable or satellite. The BBC is the one that has no
adverts. It has good programs as well. Top quality dramas.

SZ: What are your favorite movies?

SN: Star Wars. It changes every week for me. Sometimes its an artsy
film. Sometime it's a James Bond film. This week it's Blade Runner.

SZ: Do your parents like your music?

SN: They say they do, but I don't believe them.

SZ: What's your choice beer?

SN: Ales. Guinness. Belgium beers are lovely.

SZ: Who were some of your favorite bands or influences?

SN: Lots of punk bands.

SZ: Last, are you guys all having fun?

SN: No. Actually, yeah we are.