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The whole band!
SZ: Scene-Zine
P: Pete
S: Shal
G: Greg
PA: Papillon

SZ: How long have you guys been together?
P: We've been together for nine years.
SZ: How did you guys meet?
P: We were all friends back in high-school. I've known Shal since the sixth grade.
SZ: Have you always played the same kind of music together?
P: It's always changing.
S: It's evolved a little bit.
SZ: Who are your main musical influences?
P: Too many to name. Anything from Led Zeppelin to Devo.
S: I find that I never get tired of listening to The Clash, and Tom Petty.
G: Gee. I like all kinds.
S: Give him an example. Come on.
G: I like punk rock, ska, reggae, classical, jazz, country, harcore, techno, all music.
SZ: Very nice. Who writes the lyrics?
P: We all do.
SZ: What are your main lyrical influences?
PA: Our own sick and twisted minds.
P: Yeah.
PA: Life.
SZ: You guys tour alot don't you?
P: We used to. We used to tour too much.
SZ: How long is this tour going to be?
P: This is a five week tour.
SZ: Is it almost over?
P: We've been out for three weeks.
PA: It's like going through life with your butt-cheeks taped up with duct tape.
SZ: Do you like touring?
S: Sometimes.
PA: Not as much as I like drinking wine with women and having them piss all over me.
SZ: Why did you guys go to Epitaph?
S: Why not?
PA: Cuz we're gay. When we went to Epitaph we came out of the closet. We're homosexuals. Epitaph hires gay bands. So we're perfect for the job. I like Brett Gurewitz's ass.
SZ: Do you guys know what happened to him?
G: Not enough to talk about.
S: Yeah, I don't know.
SZ: He just vanished?
P: He joined some Satanic cult. Like a biker gang or something.
SZ: What's your contract with Epitaph?
G: What do you mean?
SZ: Like do you have a 5 album deal...
G: Oh contract. I thought you said contact. Two albums.
PA: Two albums, yeah.
SZ: Do you guys think you're getting better musically?
G: Kind of.
S: It's a matter of opinion.
P: Yeah, it is a matter of opinion.
PA: Have you heard the new record?
SZ: Yes.
PA: You like it?
SZ: Yeah, it's more diverse than the other ones.
PA: Diverse is what we hear alot.
S: But that doesn't mean you like it.
SZ: Yeah, I do, alot.
P: How much? Like half of it?
SZ: I like The Screamer song.
S: Great, you like one song.
SZ: No, no. It's just interesting for you guys. I like "Say Anything." Is that inspired by the movie?
PA: The title was.
SZ: I like "Kate is Great."
P: "Kate is Great?" Yeah, I like that one too.
SZ: And I like "The Toilet Song."
PA: Wow! Alot of people don't like "The Toilet Song."
SZ: Really?
PA: Yeah.
P: Fuck 'em right?
PA: Fuck em!
G and S: Fuck 'em!
SZ: Fuck 'em all! Of all the albums is there any one you're pleased with the most?
S: None of them.
PA: I like the new one personally. I can't speak for anyone else.
SZ: What do you think of the scene getting bigger?
PA: I wanna know is where were all these cute chicks were I was sixteen? That's what I like about the scene growing-more chicks.
SZ: Is it good or bad?
G: It's great as long as there are girls.
PA: I like the little boys.
SZ: Do you guys all BMX bike?
PA: Yes. It's true.
SZ: You do that instead of drive?
G: Not necessarily. It's just that we all own bikes and ride them everyday.
SZ: What's with all the soccer stuff?
G: We like to kick the ball around.
PA: We played a lot of soccer while we were making the new record. That's why we made the CD a soccer ball.
SZ: Did you guys play in a club or anything?
G: No.
P: Well, Greg and I are professional soccer players on the side.
SZ: Really?
P: Yeah.
SZ: Part time?
P: Yeah. You know the Metro Stars?
SZ: No.
P: It's a New York/New Jersey team.
SZ: Do you guys subscribe to any magazines?
G: No.
S: No.
P: Gay Man's Quarterly.
SZ: If you could be a T.V. show, would you be a sitcom, an hour long drama, an afterschool special, etc?
S: That's a good question.
SZ: I only wish I could take credit, may friend thought of it.
P: I think an after-school special. We've got a bunch of problems.
S: I'd say a sitcom.
G: I would think a two hour movie. We've been together for 10 years.
SZ: Do your parents like your music?
G: They don't listen to it.
PA: They don't listen to anything.
SZ: They don't care?
PA: Not really.
SZ: Are they supportive?
PA: More or less. They just don't listen to it. It's not their cup of tea.
SZ: Now, this is a new question. My partner wants to know if there's been a question you would like to be asked but were never asked before?
P: That one.
S: The T.V. show one was great. I like that one alot.
SZ: Any other comments?
S: I'm tired.
PA: I like chicks with big tits.